Autologous fat injection

Long-lasting beauty from your own body

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Facts about autologous fat injections.

The natural way to attractive contours.

Duration of the procedure
1-2 hours
Intravenous anesthesia (TIVA)
Clinic stay
Outpatient or 1 night
Socially acceptable
Lips: 3 weeks, face in general: 2 weeks
Pulling stitches
No stitches, just staple plaster
After 2 weeks
After 4 weeks
Final results
After 4-12 weeks

More volume thanks to your own fat.

The most natural way to facial rejuvenation.

Areas for volume build-up

A subtle micro-fat treatment can result in naturally soft and beautiful lips, whereby less is often more. If you long for fuller lips, you can benefit from 1-2 sessions, as autologous fat can be built up gradually.

With targeted contouring using autologous fat, the cheeks and chin can be defined and accentuated in the long term without hyaluronic acid to achieve a harmonious facial profile.

The precise injection of autologous fat along the jawline allows effective contouring of the jawline, tightening sagging skin and sharpening the profile. This treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years.

By building up volume with autologous fat, cleverly distributed as macro, micro and nano fat, a natural lifting effect can be achieved that rejuvenates the entire face without incisions and ensures long-lasting results.

Autologous fat injections are a popular alternative to silicone gel implants. By building up the breast and the skin of the décolleté with the patient’s own fat, a natural push effect can be achieved, giving the décolleté smoother skin, attractive natural fullness and shape.

A targeted treatment with autologous fat (BBL) can lead to sensual curves by building up the fatty tissue in the right places to make the buttocks appear plumper and more shapely and to achieve the so-called “peach bottom”.

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Requirements for autologous fat injections

A shapely face
through lipofilling.

Naturally to the aesthetic form.

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Results of lipofilling

Regenerative smoothing with
Nano-micro-own fat.

Facial rejuvenation through the power of your own cells.

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Treatment procedure with nano-micro autologous fat

The different types of cells

Nanofat cells
Micro fat cells
Stem cells

Voices of patients.

Satisfied patients share their experiences.

A naturally full
chin and cheeks.

Gentle on the harmonious facial profile.

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The autologous fat injection
with Dr. Berkei.

Your personal journey to long-lasting rejuvenation.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Com­­­­pre­­­­­hen­­­­­­­­­­­­sive aftercare
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Safely and reliably to your desired result.

Procedure after an autologous fat injection

Week 1
2-3 checks, bed rest, cooling
Week 2
2 checks, couch, cooling
Week 3
1 check, socially acceptable
Week 4
Check if required, sport permitted
Approx. week 8
Final check with Dr. Berkei
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Answers to your questions.

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Naturally to the
smooth face.

Discover the numerous advantages of autologous fat injections with Dr. Berkei and what options are available to you. Book your individual consultation with Dr. Berkei and her experts now.

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