The glow-up kick for radiantly fresh skin

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Facts about skin boosters.

Optimally nourished skin at any age.

Duration of the procedure
30-40 minutes
Number of treatments
2-3 sessions at intervals of 4-6 weeks
Clinic stay
No hospital stay, outpatient in practice
Socially acceptable
After 24 hours, light make-up if necessary
After 24 hours
2-3 months

Fresh, radiant skin.

Individual treatment for an improved complexion.

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In mesotherapy, sterile biological active ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids and co-enzymes are injected directly into the skin in small drops, tailored to the skin condition. This provides the skin with an intensive supply of nutrients and stimulates collagen production.

PhilArt (Polynucleotides)

The PhilArt treatment uses a combination of hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides to stimulate collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Exosome treatment

Exosome treatments offer an innovative method of skin improvement by stimulating the skin’s natural healing powers through the administration of exosomes.

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Mesotherapy for a new glow.

Revitalized skin and a fresh, radiant glow.

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Results of mesotherapy

Lightened skin
Radiant skin
Improved blood circulation of the skin
Firm skin
Elastic skin
Smoothed skin imperfections
Reduced scars

Voices of patients.

The path to radiantly smooth skin for Dr. Berkei's patients.

PhilArt for fewer wrinkles.

Effective for flawless skin.

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Results from PhilArt

Reduced wrinkles
Improved skin structure
Firm skin
Smooth skin
Reduced scars
Natural skin volume
Better hair growth

Exosome treatment
for naturally young skin.

Healthy skin and hair with the body's own products.

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Results of exosome treatments

Improved skin texture
More elastic skin
Improved skin regeneration
Increased skin moisture
Better hair health
Stronger hair

The Skinbooster treatment
at Dr. Berkei.

Professional support for a radiant complexion.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Com­pre­­­hen­­­­sive aftercare
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