Lip injections

Natural lips for a harmonious face

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Facts about lip injections.

Your way to lip augmentation without the inflatable boat effect.

Duration of the procedure
30 minutes
Clinic stay
No hospital stay, outpatient in practice
Socially acceptable
On the same day
After 24 hours
Final result
Immediately/after decongestion
6-9 months

Enlightened to beautiful lips.

Dr. Berkei's anti-aging team will guide you through the
exciting world of lip injections.

Perfectly natural.

Dr. Berkei's special technique for beautiful results.

lips by berkei

Full, voluminous lips with precise shapes without a sprayed-on effect


Highest quality standards and hygiene regulations for safe treatment


Precise injections in several steps to achieve your desired result


The B Safe package with comprehensive aftercare for rapid healing

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Your way to sensual lips.

Lip augmentation with autologous fat
Your own "liquid gold" for permanent lip augmentation.
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Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid
The precise dosing of hyaluronic acid for individual lip shapes.
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Lip injections
with autologous fat.

Lasting results and a natural radiance.

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Advantages of lip injections with autologous fat

Lasting results
Natural integration with the lips
Simultaneous body shaping possible
Minimal allergy risk

Lip injections
with hyaluronic acid.

Precise shaping of your dream lips down to the smallest detail.

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Advantages of injections with hyaluronic acid

Temporary results
Immediate results
Customizable volume increase
Minimal downtime

Voices of patients.

Satisfied patients of Dr. Berkei and her anti-aging team share their treatment experiences.


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Answers to your questions.

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Experience sensuality.

Dr. Berkei and her anti-aging experts will accompany you on the path to naturally beautiful lips and a harmonious appearance. Book your consultation appointment now and get individual advice.

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