BBL with hyaluronic acid

Fast and minimally invasive buttock augmentation

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Facts about the
Brazilian butt lift without surgery.

Precise and gentle for buttock augmentation

OP duration
15-30 minutes
OP technique
Tiny, 1 mm punctures, filling of hyaluronic acid with blunt cannulas
Local anesthesia
Clinic stay
No hospital stay, outpatient in practice
Socially acceptable
The next day
The next day
Final results
After swelling has subsided, approx. 14 days

Natural curves.

Precise and fast buttock shaping with PO hyaluronic acid.

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The technique of a BBL with hyaluronic acid

A wide range of possibilities.

Your ideal way to a larger buttocks.

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Possibilities for buttock augmentation

Brazilian butt lift with hyaluronic acid
Brazilian butt lift with polylactic acid
Brazilian butt lift with autologous fat

Smooth skin with
Polylactic acid.

Firm and supple buttocks.

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The BBL with hyaluronic acid
with Dr. Berkei.

Individual support for natural results.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Com­pre­­hen­­­sive aftercare
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Safe and well looked after at all times.

Procedure after a BBL with hyaluronic acid

Week 1
1 check
Week 2-6
Check if required
Approx. week 8
If desired, further construction with up to 150ml PO hyaluronic acid
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Your buttocks.

Experience natural and sensual curves with a Brazilian butt lift with hyaluronic acid. Book your individual consultation appointment with Dr. Berkei and her team now.

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