Buttock lift

Shapely buttocks with natural contours

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Facts about the buttock lift.

The precise shaping of your buttocks.

OP duration
2.5-3.5 hours
OP technique
Incision similar to Brazilian butt lift (upper butt lift) or incision in buttock folds depending on loss of elasticity
Clinic stay
1-2 nights inpatient stay
Socially acceptable
After 3 weeks
7-10 days special tapes on the buttocks
After 6-8 weeks
Final result
After 3-6 months

Naturally for a firm bottom.

Experience smooth, firm buttocks.

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Treatable problems with a buttock lift

Loss of elasticity of the skin
Excess skin after weight loss
Formless contours
Lack of volume in the upper buttocks area

A naturally shaped bottom.

Precise techniques for minimal scars.

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The buttock lift techniques

Upper lift similar to Brazilian butt lift
Buttock pleat cut with volume build-up

The buttock lift
with Dr. Berkei.

Your individual journey to a firm bottom.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Com­pre­hen­sive aftercare
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Comfort and safety from the very first moment.

Procedure after a buttock lift

Week 1
2 checks, special tapes, drains are removed
Week 2
2 checks, lymphatic drainage twice a week, socially acceptable depending on the load
Week 3
2 checks, lymphatic drainage twice a week, socially acceptable depending on strain, able to work in a sitting position
Week 4-6
Check if required
Approx. week 8
Final check with Dr. Berkei
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Experience natural curves.

Shape your buttocks according to your wishes for a new feeling of satisfaction and self-confidence. Book your individual consultation with Dr. Berkei and her team now.

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