Nipple correction

The precise shaping of your nipples

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Facts about nipple correction.

Perfection in every detail of the female breast.

OP duration
From 60 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the technique
OP technique
Small incision approx. 1 -1.5 cm directly on the nipple and possibly around the nipple, possibly I or T incision at the same time as breast lift
Local anesthesia or intravenous short anesthesia
Clinic stay
Outpatient or 1-2 nights inpatient stay
Socially acceptable
After 1 week, no physical work for 2 -3 weeks
Pulling stitches
No stitches required due to the use of self-dissolving stitches
After 6 weeks
1-2 times a week in the first 3 weeks, after 2 and 6 months, after 1 year

Breast surgery with Dr. Berkei.

Your path to the breast of your dreams with Dr. Berkei.

Naturally beautiful nipples.

A minor procedure for extensive aesthetics.

Treatable deformities

Inverted nipples are often congenital malformations of the nipples due to short mammary gland ducts, but can also be caused by scarring, infections or inflammation. These so-called “inverted nipples” can often occur asymmetrically, with one side more affected than the other. In most cases, inverted nipples are only an aesthetic restriction for patients, but they can impair the ability to breastfeed and thus also become a medical problem.

Dr. Berkei and her colleagues can correct inverted nipples with an operation in which the strands of tissue that pull the nipples inwards are loosened and the nipples are lifted. This procedure can offer aesthetic and sometimes functional improvements, especially for women who have difficulty breastfeeding. By pointing the nipples outwards, the ability to breastfeed can be improved and breastfeeding made easier.

Cleft nipples, also known as slit nipples, are nipples that appear in the form of a shallow depression or small cleft. They lack the typical protrusion and do not protrude like normal nipples. Cleft nipples can vary in size and shape, but generally they appear flat or slightly indented. This can either be congenital or caused by external influences such as pregnancy, breastfeeding or trauma.

To correct cleft nipples, Dr. Berkei and her colleagues perform an operation in which the milk ducts or the surrounding connective tissue causing the cleft nipple is loosened. This allows the nipple to be reshaped to achieve a normal protrusion.

Nipples that are too large or too small can be an aesthetic problem for some women and affect their self-confidence. While nipples that are too large can often be perceived as disproportionate or disturbing, nipples that are too small can impair the external appearance of the breast and make breastfeeding more difficult.

If the nipples are too large, Dr. Berkei can remove excess tissue around the nipples to reduce their size and achieve a more harmonious appearance. For women with nipples that are too small, nipple augmentation can be performed to improve the volume and proportions of the nipples. This procedure involves the use of implants or the transplantation of the body’s own tissue to increase the size and shape of the nipples.

Despite being satisfied with the appearance of your own breasts, aesthetic problems with the areola can occur. A lack of pigmentation, areolas that are too large, too small or of different sizes can be a source of dissatisfaction and discomfort for women.

In order to achieve an overall aesthetic appearance according to your wishes, Dr. Berkei can perform a surgical correction to adjust the size and proportions of the areolas to your individual wishes. This procedure involves removing excess tissue or adjusting the size of the areola using special techniques. Treatment is always based on an individual treatment plan and precise consultation with you as the patient.

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Safe and cared for according to your aesthetic wishes.

Procedure after a nipple correction

Week 1
2-3 checks, bed rest, compression garments
Week 2
2-3 checks, couch, compression underwear
Week 3
1 check, home office, compression underwear
Week 4
1 check, fit for work, compression garment
Week 5-7
Check if required, compression underwear
Approx. week 8
Final check with Dr. Berkei
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