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The special experience with Dr. Berkei

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Exclusive care.

Professional, open and honest to your desired appearance.

Dr. Berkei focuses on you as a patient. A consultation with Dr. Berkei is not just a standardized process, but an individual and professional service that aims to understand and meet your needs and goals in the best possible way. Dr. Berkei knows that every patient is unique and therefore deserves a tailor-made consultation.

Dr. Berkei and her colleagues attach great importance to care and attention to detail. During the consultation hours, you will be carefully examined and Dr. Berkei will show you many before and after photos of her patients. These photos illustrate not only the potential results, but also the entire course of treatment, including swelling and scars in the healed state. Dr. Berkei wants you to have a realistic picture of what to expect and to feel confident and informed.

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Every consultation in Dr. Berkei’s practice is characterized by openness and honesty. You will be informed about all aspects of your treatment, including potential risks, side effects and limitations. It is important to Dr. Berkei and her colleagues that you are well informed and can make your decisions on a solid basis. That’s why every doctor on Dr. Berkei’s team takes the time to answer your questions and take your concerns seriously.

Dr. Berkei and her colleagues understand that the decision to undergo aesthetic treatment is often associated with mixed feelings. That is why they are committed to providing you with loving support throughout the entire process and offering you the care you need. They will take the time to discuss your wishes and concerns and work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

Your individual consultation with Dr. Berkei is a decisive step on your way to a new feeling of life and increased self-confidence. We want you to feel that you are in good hands and leave our practice with a smile on your face.

Experience your dream nose live.

The realistic 3D computer simulation of your dream nose.

Many of our patientsare considering their treatment for years before deciding to undergo rhinoplasty. Uncertainty before a nose operation is understandable. This is why Dr. Berkei offers an innovative solution in her practice: the 3D computer simulation of your dream nose. This technology allows you to visualize the potential outcome of your procedure in advance. You have the opportunity to compare different options and make detailed changes to the shape of your nose. Together with Dr. Berkei, you can discuss your wishes and concerns and define a treatment goal that meets your aesthetic expectations.

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More Information

Detailed skin analysis.

The basis for your individual anti-aging treatment.

Before every anti-aging treatment, Dr. Berkei and her anti-aging experts look under your skin with the VISIA Scan. The advanced skin analysis system enables an accurate assessment of various skin parameters such as wrinkles, pore size, pigmentation, skin texture and UV damage. This detailed analysis helps to develop customized treatment plans that are tailored to the specific needs of your skin. Dr. Berkei’s skin analysis is an important step in providing you with a customized and effective anti-aging treatment that will help you achieve your desired results and a more youthful appearance.

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Dr. Berkei's safety concept and guarantee of success.

The B Safe concept is an integral part of Dr. Berkei’s philosophy, which aims to ensure the safety and well-being of every patient at every stage of their treatment. Dr. Berkei and her colleagues already implement the B Safe concept during the consultation by focusing on comprehensive information and transparent communication. You will be informed about all aspects of your planned treatment, including potential risks, side effects and alternatives. Dr. Berkei will take the time to answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have to ensure that you can make well-informed decisions.

Throughout the treatment process, Dr. Berkei and her colleagues continue the B Safe concept by adhering to strict safety standards and protocols at all times. Dr. Berkei’s practice is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and facilities to ensure the safety of every patient. In addition, Dr. Berkei and her colleagues only work with high-quality products and materials that meet strict quality and safety standards.


Another important aspect of the B Safe concept is individual support and aftercare. After each treatment, Dr. Berkei and her colleagues carefully check your condition and are available to answer any questions or problems you may have. Depending on your chosen treatment, extensive and detailed procedures are defined, based on the experience of more than 26 years of work in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The B Safe concept ensures that you are looked after individually, from information, planning and care through to the operation and aftercare, and puts your satisfaction and safety first.

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