Acne scars

A new, silky-soft skin feeling

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A fresh start for your skin.

CO2 Fraxel laser
Effective scar smoothing with rapid recovery.
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Phenol peeling
Deep skin renewal for very pronounced scars.
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Visibly reduced scars with
CO2 Fraxel laser.

Effective for smooth and scar-free skin.

Facts about CO2 laser treatment

Duration of the procedure
30-60 minutes for full face treatment
Laser treatment
Clinic stay
Outpatient or 1 night
Socially acceptable
After 10-14 days
After 4 weeks
Final result
After 1-6 months, depending on the technique
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Treatable problems with the CO2 laser

Mild to moderate acne scars
Uneven skin texture
Fine lines light wrinkles
Sun damage
Age spots
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The technology of the CO2 laser

Deeply smoothed skin with
phenol peeling.

Your path to impressively smooth and radiant skin.

Facts about phenol peeling

Duration of the procedure
0,5-1,5h hours
Laser treatment
Local anesthesia with narcosis if necessary
Clinic stay
Outpatient or 1 night
Socially acceptable
After 10-14 days
After 4 weeks
Final result
After 3-6 months, depending on the scope
Reddening of the skin
2-6 months, hyperpigmentation possible
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Treatable problems with phenol peeling

Deep acne scars
Deep wrinkles and furrows
Sagging skin
Severe hyperpigmentation
Sun damage
Large pores
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The phenol peeling technique

The acne scar treatment
with Dr. Berkei.

Your unique experience with Dr. Berkei.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Comprehensive aftercare
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Comfortable and safe for a new skin feeling.

Procedure after acne scar treatment

Week 1
2-4 checks, tape dressing for 24-48h, alternatively immediately or after 2 days ointment dressing
Week 2
1-2 checks, apply various ointments 5-10 times a day
Week 3
1 check, apply various ointments 5-10 times a day, socially acceptable with make-up
Week 4
Check as required, sport permitted
Approx. week 3-8
Final check with A. Elzebair or Dr. Berkei
Dr. Berkei bei der gewissenhaften Untersuchung des Gesichts einer Patientin.


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