Naturally smooth skin that regenerates itself

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Facts about microneedling.

New vitality for youthful skin.

Duration of the procedure
Approx. 1 hour
Clinic stay
No hospital stay, outpatient in practice
Socially acceptable
After 24 hours with light make-up
After 24 hours
Final result
After approx. 4 weeks
After several sessions several years

Microneedling with Dr. Berkei.

Experience the microneedling treatment
transparent with Dr. Berkei.

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Gentle skin regeneration.

Naturally smooth and youthful skin.

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Minimal treatment with
maximum effect.

The many possible applications of microneedling.

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Treatable problems with microneedling

Fine lines
Acne scars
Large pores
Pigment disorders

Voices of patients.

What patients learn from Dr. Berkei and her anti-aging team have experienced with microneedling.

The optimal technique.

The right microneedling for your skin.

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Microneedling techniques

Cosmetic microneedling
(0.1-0.3 mm needles)

The main purpose of this treatment is to improve the absorption of cosmetic products such as creams and to help the skin transport active ingredients. Due to the short needle length, no collagen production is stimulated.

Medical microneedling
(1-2 mm needles)

The depth of the pinpricks stimulates collagen production, which helps with pigmentation disorders, acne scars, stretch marks and fine wrinkles. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia or with anesthetic cream and may cause slight redness.

Surgical microneedling
(3 mm needles)

This treatment is particularly suitable for deep wrinkles, stretch marks and burn scars, as collagen formation is strongly stimulated. Due to the depth of the needle pricks, the treatment is carried out with a local anesthetic or analgosedation. Temporary bruising and reddening of the skin may occur.

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The dermaroller

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The Dermapen

at Dr. Berkei.

Your tailor-made way to smooth skin.

Individual consultation
Precise treatment
Com­pre­­­hen­­­­sive aftercare
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Take the path to naturally smooth and youthful skin that regenerates itself. Experience microneedling at your personal appointment.

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